Sunday, May 20, 2012

Avengers (2012)

I finally got to see this movie last night.  I have seen all the other Marvel movies that were made (except that first Hulk, just couldn't do it) and liked them well enough.  I thought the first Iron Man and Captain America were the best of the lot, but all of them had things I enjoyed.  of course, they all tried to be far too realistic as well, and since cool code names are passe` apparently I don't like that either.

and not wearing masks sucks big time.   I know why the actors don't want to do it, but dang, it's part of the genre.  get over it!
anyway, about this movie.  I liked it a lot.  it was fun and dramatic, with the right amount of humor in the right places.  thankfully they didn't have to deal with any origin stories (not even Hawkeye's or the Widow's).  I'm over origin stories.

I didn't bother with any 3D nonsense.  after the interminable amount of commercials the movie started.  unfortunately it was the wrong movie.  due to the condition we were in, this was funny and not annoying.  the entire audience had to get up and got across the complex and sit in a different theater.  we did get free popcorn.

makes me miss the days of one movie per theater though.

and one last complaint... couldn't they have just said "Avengers Assemble" once?

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