Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avengers #31

"Never Bug a Giant!"

Cap, Hawk and the Wasp head to South America to find Goliath.  while they are doing that, Hank is finding out that neither side of the civil war he's become involved in is really "right".  all they care about is having the power of the Cobalt Flames to rule over their people with. 

there's a brief interlude with Wanda and Pietro, as they discuss how much the love the thrill and adventure of being Avengers and what if their powers don't come back?  it's fun to think that back then, in that Marvel Universe, no one knew if they actually would return to the Avengers.  back when things mattered!  of course, most fans probably guessed they would, as why would Stan and Don keep writing about them?

back to the main story:  so Goliath escapes from the prince, but gets caught by the Keeper of the Flames.  right before he is to be killed, the rest of the Avengers arrive.  there's another battle, and then another, and finally the Flames are put out and the two opposing forces quit fighting each other.  the Avengers head home.  did this hidden race ever show up again?

I never thought too much of Don Heck's art back then, as it seemed a bit bland compared to some of the other artists I had started noticing.  I would probably use the term "workmanlike" if that exists.

now, I've really come to enjoy it.  his work really gives these stories their own flavor, and it's a clean and precise style.  he sure did a lot of these issues!

next we meet the Sons of the Serpent for the first time.

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