Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JLA: A Knight Of Shadows (20, 21)

Batman and Jason Blood/Etrigan run into Morgaine le Fey and her son, Mordred.  she's after the Philosopher's stone.  Dumbledore must have hidden it better after this attempt.  she will use it's power to give recreate Camelot for Mordred to rule over. Batman calls in the League to help stop her.
we get to see Etrigan the Demon's origin.  I think it's still pretty close to what it was in the comics, kind of consistent with Kirby's origin.

J'onn tries to find her telepathically and we get to see Mars for the first time.  it didn't quite look like this in the original stories.  that's his wife there.  or her image, anyway.
it's not Rutland's Hallowe'en Parade, but almost.
I forget this guy's name now.  he's a Hugh Hefner type, voiced by that hoser Dave Thomas.  he turns into a worm.  with teeth.  they sure get away with a lot...
Morgaine herself is very Kirby-inspired.  say whatever else you want about her, she is a devoted mother.
nice character bit from the Flash.
there's electricity between Batman and Wonder Woman, even at this point in the series...  this is a good episode.  not a huge Demon fan, but he's good as a guest star.  he's not in rhyming mode, which could have been annoying for a two parter, especially as much as he was talking. no Superman in this episode either.

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