Monday, October 29, 2012

JLA: Metamorphosis (22, 23)

this is a self absorbed self centered douche bag named Simon Stagg.  he was that way in the comics and he's that way in these two episodes. he's trying to create an genetically gifted worker that can adapt itself to any conditions.  he calls this creation "Metamorphoand he's using illegal mutagens to do this.
what a tool he is!

this is Java.  he's a caveman, though this is not explained in the show.  Rex calls him "Flintstone" which is a clue.  he's just as stupid in the cartoon as in the comics.
this is basically a Green Lantern episode with the other JLAers making cameos.  here's Rex with his fiancee Sapphire Stagg, the douche's daughter.  she's got more common sense than the boys at times.
there's no Orb of Ra this time, but the effect is the same.  Rex can now change into any element found in the human body, or any combination thereof.  of course Stagg tricks him into fighting the JLA so we can see the extent of his powers.
a little more foreshadowing of things to come.  this Hawkgirl really is something else. they are discussing the "path not taken".
J'onn fights him, and gets sliced in half... that seems a bit unusual to me, but I don't know the extant of Martian powers.
of course, things get worked out, and Rex goes after Stagg, who is preparing more mutagen.  this giant play dough monster is formed and everyone but the Flash and Diana show up to battle it with Rex's help.

this is an OK episode.  it suffers from being surrounded by two great story arcs.  in almost any other series it would have been one of the better episode.  I miss Element Girl though.

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