Thursday, April 25, 2013

Firefly (2002)

OK, so I'm 11 years late to this party.  or maybe not.  I like Joss Whedon, watched all of BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and all of ANGEL, even those damn confusing parts with Cordelia toward the end (really, what the hell was that?) and greatly enjoyed THE AVEMGERS.

but I hadn't watched this or any of his other shows when they aired.  there's so much genre stuff to watch now that it's hard to keep track of everything, much less watch it.  so I skipped this.  of course, I saw there was a movie made to wrap up some things, and then have talked to fans of the show. 

still, I never thought I needed to watch it.
now I have.  I've watched all 14 episodes and... well, it's pretty good, but I don't get all the fan love for it.  I like the characters, even Jayne was OK by the end, but for it to be considered a "great" show?  maybe if it had a longer run, but as it is, I can see why it didn't find a large audience on TV.  one million fans can't save a show from being cancelled, but if one million fans by a DVD set each, well, it's a huge hit then.

weird, huh?

it reminded me a LOT of STAR TREK.  the wild frontier, the ship as a character, the wise use of effects, and them not being the focus of the story, that was all nice.  it seemed like everyone had a back story, and some were just hinted at.  and when everyone has a secret, it's kind of boring, because no one stands out. 

it's also called a western, which is more a description than a genre.

I liked the show, but I guess I'm just not a "browncoat".

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