Saturday, May 25, 2013

NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: Superman meets Brainiac

with all the talk of the new Superman movie (ooh, he's "darker" now) makes me wish they wouldn't tamper with what makes Superman Superman. these cartoons are so indicative of what Superman was like in the 60s. now I see he's got some new costume and even Zod (do movie makers have no new ideas now?) is wearing armor. why would a Kryptonian need to wear armor? I sure wouldn't if I was from Krypton.

here we have a cartoon in which Superman meets his long time foe, Brainiac. I almost put a "5" after his name. this Brainiac is from Mega, not Colu, and not Krypton. oddly enough, this episode aired after "The Return of Brainiac" did, which all in all wouldn't matter much back in the day when there was no way of knowing what episodes would air when. I saw a lot of these cartoons on the great Channel 20 WDCA.

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