Friday, June 14, 2013

Avengers Annual #1


Roy Thomas writer Don Heck penciler  George Bell inker  Artie Simek letterer    

this 49 page story stars all the former Avengers except the Hulk.  I reckon since they had both Thor and Hercules here Roy figured they didn't need to have any more sheer muscle in the story.
the Mandarin assembles a version of the Masters of Evil.  Iron Man, Thor and Captain America all come to the conclusion that something is up with various villains disappearing at the same time.  this causes a true assembling of Avengers, old and new to stop the various plots by the Mandarin to take over the world.  Cap gets to be the leader for this adventure, since he's been part of the "old" and "new" teams.  we even get to see Thor take on Ultimo, which is a lot of fun.

it's a fun story, full of action and drama and comedy.  the most interesting thing to me is that the "old" Avengers, Thor and Iron Man seem to think they aren't Avengers any more.  which is weird, since Jan and Hank have already returned to the hallowed ranks of the team.  why couldn't they come back from time to time?

this actually occurs to Hank at the end of the story, and they decide to do just that very thing from time to time.

next: "Blitzkrieg in Central Park!"

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