Monday, July 1, 2013

Varan, the Undiscovered

I think I've posted about this movie before, and that I prefer the US cut over the Japanese one.  neither is anything wonderful, but Toho's version just goes on and on and on...

it also doesn't hurt that I saw this a few times on TV while I was growing up, and that I owned the 8mm version of it, which contains most of the essential scenes.  Ken Films always did a pretty good job of getting the best parts into their 200' comps, and even Varan was no exception.  I had the 8mm version long before I saw the whole movie on TV.  which wasn't a bad thing.

now when I view the US movie, which is rare, I'll admit, it seems like the characters are all old friends.  it's that way with many old movies, and that's a fun thing about it, even less than stellar movie.

< ever notice in some of these movies they had figures of the monster to use?  I can't imagine why they didn't market those back then.  I sure would have liked to have more Godzilla toys when I was a kid.

the US version of VARAN has a great poster and is very memorable.  mostly nothing like that happens in the movie, but it sure looks awesome.

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