Thursday, July 25, 2013

Xenorama Presents... Marine Boy- Underwater Adventure

It's almost ready!  After over 12 years of work it's done!  There are all sorts of fun things in the book to read and look at, I promise you, including quotes from the late Peter Fernandez, whom I had the pleasure of speaking to several years ago about the show.
Here are just a few pictures to whet your appetite, as the book is well illustrated.  They are mostly screen grabs, as there aren't a lot of images of the show floating around out there.

I'm pretty excited about it being finished.  One of the cool things about the book is the Japanese episodes being translated.  This was done by August Ragone, whom I am happy to call friend.
It's 40 pages long, not counting the covers.  Full color, which makes me happy, since the images look so much better.
I'll have ordering information soon, once I get the cover.  It's by Dan Ross, who did the striking cover for the last issue of Xenorama.  So we know it'll be great!
This is what we in the biz call "a teaser"... Yes, it amuses me, but I also need to start the promotion of the book, since I've been promising it for years.  Over two decades, in fact!

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