Friday, August 2, 2013

Kimba 19: The Mystery of the Deserted Village

I did not remember the beginning of this episode at all.  Claw pretends he is remorseful about his past actions and wants to make up friends with Kimba.  of course, Kimba goes to meet him and naturally it's a trap.  Speedy Cheetah warns Kimba just in time and Cassius injures him.
Right about then the Snobbish Family shows up in their monster tour bus, with a bulldozer plowing down trees right and left through the jungle.

I think the mother's name is Alotta, the son's name Isnotso and the daughter who loves her loud pop music is Minnie.  The son fixes up Speedy's paw, and not a one of them is surprised to hear Kimba speaking to them.
All this happens in an old abandoned village, and we see all the white lion pelts from Kimba's ancestors.  Guarding them is Kimba's older sister, Leona.  Kitty has a jealous fit at first, due to seeing Leona take care of Kimba.  Leona tells them the backstory of the white lions, though she fails to mention of Swowene is her mother.
I believe she shows up again in a later episode or two, but I'll have to watch more of the show to be sure.  It's a pretty violent episode, all things considered.
Kimba scratches Claw up pretty well in the final battle.  The Snobbishes are safe, and hopefully Alotta has learned a lesson.  More money than brains, that one.

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