Friday, August 2, 2013

Marine Boy: Underwater Adventure is GO!

I can hardly believe I am typing these words right now... but the Marine Book I started on a whim some 12 years ago is finally finished and on sale!  Order it here and use the coupon MXARFHS5 for a 10% discount!  I'm still a bit stunned it's done.  I was starting to think it would never happen, and yet, here it is, in living color (well, most of it).

Here's a little history of the project:  By 1999 or 2000  I had acquired several volumes of the Marine Boy series.  These were all on VHS and took up a lot of space in my collection.  The internet was still beginning, and while there were several sites that mentioned the show, there were no real images or anything like that.  While I was watching the episodes I decided on a whim to take some notes.  Handwritten notes, mind you.  At first they were pretty indepth reviews. Then, as I started thinking about what I was going to do with them, they got shorter.  There was no real need to talk about how many times Neptina said "Marine Boy watch out!" in an episode.

When I decided to type them into the computer they get even less detailed.  When I decided to do a book I had no idea how I would illustrate it.  Then DVDr became a reality and I got my tapes transferred and then upgraded and suddenly DVD players were the norm for computers.  Screen captures were easy!

I started this blog to talk about the book, but soon changed it over to a more general genre blog.  I'd still mention Marine Boy, and apparently many people have been waiting six or seven years now for this book.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I'm extremely lucky to have been able to talk to the late Peter Fernandez a few years ago, and meeting him and Corinne at G-Fest 1999 was a blessing.  Having August do these translations as well is wonderful.

OK, I can breathe now.  Order your book today!

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