Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review for Marine Boy: Underwater Adventure

The book is out and for sale now, and I've gotten a few reviews.  I'm going to be posting them on occasion so this doesn't seem like so much spam for readers to go buy it.  Pretty sneaky, huh?  Be sure to use the coupon MXARFHS5 for a 10% discount, it still applies.
I've gotten great feedback on the cover, which comes to the surprise of absolutely no one, I'd warrant.

One of the early reviews is from Mathew Jones who says this:
"Read the book. Quite some interesting information in there about the show, good souvenir for any fan to have. Thanks for doing it!  When I was reading the episode guide it reminded me of something that always puzzled me. Marine boy gets gassed unconscious in a few episodes, I believe a dolphin captures him that way in red menace. How does gas work under water? I thought it wouldn't have much of an effect?  Was happy you mentioned some other 60's anime like prince Planet and speed racer. Marine boy is my favourite of them though. Also I want to watch space Boy Soran but as you mentioned in the book it's rare and maybe never broadcast out of Japan."
I never thought of how gas would work underwater.  Perhaps it was a liquid that just looked like gas.  The world may never know.  Looking forward to more reviews!

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