Saturday, September 28, 2013

Card Subject To Change (2010)

Guess it's pro-wrestling week here at Xeno!  This here is a fascinating and well done look at the independent wrestling circuit.  It was shot over about three years, from 2006-2009 more or less.  They do some follow up stuff at the end of the movie to let you know what and where the workers they talked to are and what they are doing.

Sometimes there is no good news, as in Trent Acid and .  This was the last time she was interviewed as she passed on in the middle of 2007.
It's interesting to hear them talk to , as he was a truly a force in pro-wrestling for what, almost 30 years?  I find myself respecting him a lot for the fact that he's still alive and that he has a pretty good head about him.  They talk to a lot of the usual suspects, people in between gigs from WWE and TNA at the time (the New Age Outlaws as an example) and then some up and comers.

How is not a huge star?  I guess she left to do something else, but dang, that girl had it, plus the instant name recognition.

The promoter is and he seems to be pretty decent.  He promoted for years in the Jersey area, though according to IMDB he's since retired from promoting, or went out of business.  People from that area sure do swear a lot, don't they?  I've found they aren't even aware of it most times.

This definitely a documentary fans should watch.

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