Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Star Trek into Darkness (2013) part one

Ten minutes in and already the movie has glaring holes in it.  And yet it's still entertaining, thanks to the cast.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a big fan of remakes of popular TV shows, so I have low expectations of this movie, again.  Which is exactly how I felt about the first remake.  I still think this Chris Pine is far smarmier than than Shatner ever was.  He sure does drink a lot, too.  The new Spock is the best part of the cast.  The two  of them do have good chemistry together.
I'm still wondering if they will ever actually be like the series it's imitating- this is an adventure movie dressed up as in Star Trek clothes.  I mean, hiding a STARSHIP under the ocean?  Sure, it looks cool rising out of the water (that is, what we were shown of it with all the cuts) but it's a ridiculous concept and not remotely "realistic".

And of course, they've already trotted out some of the better lines from the original movies.   Why am I getting a whole "Gary Mitchell" (look it up) vibe from the start of the movie as well?  If this JJ Abrams is so talented why can't he make up his own story, instead of remaking several episodes of the original series at once?  Seems like that would be a logical thing to believe.

Still, it's been a fun movie so far, but it's not really Star Trek.  I do feel sorry for Captain Pike, he seems to get a raw deal all the time.

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