Sunday, September 15, 2013

Xenorama #16 Available NOW!

Yes, amazingly after two short months there is another complete issue of Xenorama available!  I am pretty impressed with that, especially after the long hiatus the zine took.  This is the final version of the cover by Dan Ross and it's pretty darn cool.  He keeps it interesting, and yet not too busy to be distracting.  I think it's really eye catching as well.  Who wouldn't want to buy it just by looking at that cover?  The inside is loaded with cool color pictures as well, not too mention several great articles that aren't even on the cover.
There are obviously articles on Gamera, Doctor Who and the Space Ghost episode guide, plus a look back at the Power Rangers since they've been on for 20 years now.  This is written by Christopher Elam and done under his "Ranger Report" title, which is how started writing for Xenorama about 20 years ago as well.  There's also a fun look at THE CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT, the "lost" dinosaur movie Hammer made, written by new contributor John LeMay.  And as always, Godzilla does make an appearance as well.

Order it here and use code MXARFHS5 for a ten (10 % percent) discount!  What a great bargain!  Forty pages, all in color.

And let me not forget the great back cover done by Will Meugniot.  It's his newest project and looks great as well.  I know, the zine will look like a double sided comic book, but that's OK by me!

I also nearly forgot there's an article on the cool Shaw Brothers movie THE AVENGING WARRIORS OF SHAOLIN (AKA SHAOLIN RESCUERS) which was the first kung fu movie I ever saw from start to finish.

Order yours today! You won't regret it!

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