Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Avengers 48

"The Black Knight Lives Again!"

Stan Lee Propitiously Ponders And Presents 
A Roy Thomas - George Tuska Saga Of Senses-Staggering Splendor!
Luxuriously Lettered By: Artie Simek

"Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are held captive by Magneto,but Quicksilver manages to send a distress signal. Hercules continues to search deserted Olympus for clues. Hawkeye, Goliath and the Wasp receive the distress call. Meanwhile, deciding to use his uncle's inventions for good, Dane Whitman becomes the new Black Knight. He goes to the Avengers to help them, but mistaking him for evil, they attack. Dane becomes angry when they do not believe him, so he flies off on his own."

For whatever reason, I'm not a huge fan of this story arc, even if it does introduce the heroic Black Knight (glad they ditched the lance quickly).   I think  it's because the whole Magneto/mutant thing has become over done in the last 20 years and I'm tired of it.  Back then of course, Magneto wasn't appearing all over the place as a villain.

George Tuska's artwork is very different than John Buscema's, but it's pretty clean and nice to look at.  I'm sure it was a bit disconcerting for readers when they opened the mag up.  The story isn't bad at all, it's not Roy's fault Magneto and mutants are over used a these days.

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