Thursday, January 16, 2014

Batman 66 TV series finally to DVD/Blu Ray

Batman is going to be fun again!  For so many long boring reasons, the '66-68 series has never been released to home video, which is surprising since the character has has two successful movie series in the last three decades.  I'm not much of a fan of either of them, but they made money.  I certainly thought the series would be released long before this, but then this series might have counterpunched the dire Nolan movies right out of the water.  Well, in a perfect would it would have.

Anyway, I hope that all the surviving cast members are represented on this set.  Adam, Burt and Yvonne are all alive and healthy, so there is no excuse for them to not be present.  Here's a page with more info as well.  I also hope there are lots of extras- the promos and such, as those would be great to see.  Maybe some of the PSAs that the gang did as well.

All in all, this should be a great set.  The first season was pretty great, though by the second the format was settled in.  The third was pretty surreal overall.  I'd release it all in one set though, since more people will be inclined to buy the whole thing then.  Too many fans would only buy the first and second seasons, despite Batgirl being there.

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