Friday, January 24, 2014

Despicable Me 2 part 2

Finally finished watching this fun sequel.  Despite the best efforts of the AVL, Gru actually does discover who the mysterious new super villain is and also contends with the even harder difficulty of asking Lucy for a date.

It's all fun and slightly predictable, though I wish there had been a few more ties to the first movie, such as Gru saying "Light bulb..." and things like that.
The minions are almost too front and center here, especially since there are two different sets of them.  I understand why there really couldn't be much of a minion battle, but a little one might have been fun.
Lucy is a good addition, though she's reduced to a damsel in distress at the end of the movie.  She's goofy and a good match for Gru.  I'm really glad they didn't bring Vector back as the villain again,  since he's presumably stuck on the moon still.
the way the villain is defeated is also rather predictable.  I would have done it the other way 'round.  If you take out all the minion bits the movie would be about 40 minutes long.
And the ending is not a surprise, but it's nicely done.  I am sure there will be a sequel with a baby on the way, which will probably be too cutesy (see Shrek III, right?) but I'll watch it anyway,  I'm sure.  Maybe in the theater this time.

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