Saturday, February 1, 2014

Daigoro vs Goliath

This is one of those movies I really want to like more than I do.  When I originally saw it many years ago after it was "discovered" by fans, it was SOOOO boring.  No subs and not nearly enough monster vs monster action.

Add to that the fact Daigoro just looks silly, like one of the friendly Ultra monsters that crop up later on in that series.
Anyway,  it's been available for a while in a subtitled form, but it's still boring for nearly 50 minutes.  That's not a good thing in an 85 minute movie.  There are some great miniatures and sets, and Daigoro's mom's attack on the city is nice, as is Goliath's.  They are short, but it breaks up all the talking heads and "comedy" bits.
The first fight scene is pretty good, actually, and it's fun to see Akiji Kobayashi in a different sort of role.  The effects are also well done, which is no surprise considering it's a Tsuburaya movie.  If there had been a few more fights here and there in the first half it sure would be easier to like this movie and recommend it.
Goliath is a pretty great looking beast, but Daigoro (who sounds a bit like Toho Kong) just is not really cute.  He's kind of ugly, actually.  Minya looks cuddly by comparison.  It's definitely worth a look, especially since it's been subtitled and is a pretty good print.  Just be aware that first 47 minutes is a tough slog.

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