Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marine Boy The Complete Second Season

The second 26 episodes of Marine Boy are now available!  I just recently ordered the first "season" and was wondering if the set had been successful enough to get the next two sets out.  Of course, since it's Made on Demand, I guess it doesn't have to sell a million sets to insure the rest of the series release.  The preview looks gorgeous, that's for sure.  I hope the rest of the set matches it.  I've heard really good things about the first season (and yes, season is a misnomer, since it was just 78 episodes that were syndicated back in the day, enough to run five days a week for quite a while).  I'm looking forward to watching the episodes again.

I'm really grateful that I had good copies to view while writing my book.  I wonder if the person who had the set has now taken it down, since Warner's might frown upon someone selling something they are selling currently.  They did a good job with the materials they had available, but the new set should be even better.

Of course, now I have 15 DVDs I don't really need... guess I'll be gifting them later on- I'm looking in my brother's direction.  Also, don't forget to order my book.  You know you want it.

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