Friday, February 14, 2014

Marine Boy DVD set vol 1 review

I finally got this set the other day.  I haven't watched all  26 episodes, but the ones I have watched are just amazing.  I can hardly believe that this series is now on DVD (well, 52 episodes so far, anyway).  When I spoke to the late Peter Fernandez all those years ago he told me he was still trying to get the series back on the air.  He always believed in the show, even though Speed Racer was much more well known and famous overall.  I know it's redundant, but he was a great man.

So here's the case, which holds all three discs in it in a nice comfortable way.  The Toho Icons of Sci-Fi set had their three discs in paper covers instead of this way.  Lame.  So score one for Marine Boy in that respect.
The back of the case a nice summary of the show, and a list of all the episodes contained within.  It also gets the fact that it was a US release first right.  That's some good research there.  I wish I could say my book helped out in that respect, but since I hadn't published it yet, well, obviously I can't make that claim.
Here are the discs.  They look pretty darn sharp.  It's three dual layered discs, and there are eight episodes on the first disc and nine on the next two.  Did I mention how wonderful the quality is?  These episodes look like they were made yesterday.  I can't recommend this set enough.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

"Did I mention how wonderful the quality is? These episodes look like they were made yesterday. I can't recommend this set enough."

Lord knows the days of the WPHL-TV releases circulating out there are over.

Mathew Jones said...

Aw man this set looks amazing! Glad the quality is good but too bad they haven't released it over here in the UK :( Blu Ray would be nice also