Saturday, June 14, 2014

MOTW - Mothra

It's been a long time since I've done one of these "Monster of the Week" features, but that's no reason not to start it back up, or at least try to.  Anyway, since the new Xenorama is all about Mothra, I figured it would be a fine time to feature the large lepidotaran in a post of her own.  Any maybe send people looking for copies of this fine fanzine called Xenorama.  It's got a lot of great information about all the movies Mothra has ever been in (to date) plus a lot of other great stuff!

The movie itself is one of the finest monster movies ever made.  There's so much to recommend it, and the US version is just as good as the Toho version.  It's that well dubbed.
It's also got that great score and such good songs sung by the Peanuts.  It doesn't hurt that they have great screen presence, considering they are 6" tall in the movie.  It just all works together so well.
It's also colorful and fun, and you end up cheering Mothra on, despite the fact that as a larva she probably killed a lot of people.  But that was the evil Nelson's fault.  Perhaps that's the only problem with the movie, is that the fairies are obviously thinking beings, and he pretty much enslaves them.  You'd think the rest of the civilized world would have roundly condemned him.

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