Thursday, January 22, 2015

B/W Xenorama #15 is go!

As mentioned two whole days ago, I've redone Xenorama #15 in black and white.  It's available here, directly, and on Amazon here.  I expect most everyone that wants #15 already has it, but hopefully some people who didn't want to pay $8 or whatever it is on Amazon (usually considerably less these days) will decide to try it.  It's a good start issue.

I'm hard at work on #18, though I could use a few more contributors.  Anyone?  I've done about ten pages, though I keep finding new Green Lantern stuff to review.  Who'd have thought he was that popular after the movie bombed so bad?

I figured it would just be six Filmation cartoons and I'd have it wrapped up.  Maybe I should have specified Hal Jordan ONLY this issue and let those other wannabes (aside from Alan Scott) go hang.  Especially Guy.  He's a jerk.  Anyway, you'll have to order the new issue to see how I resolve all this.

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