Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cool dinosaur art

Here's some fun comic book art by Russ Heath, I believe.  If not, I'll edit and correct it in the near future.

This is from Joe Kubert's "Tor" book, which I've sadly never read any of.  I'd like to, though I'm sure it features lots of dinosaur deaths.  These were meant to help educate the kids reading the book.  There have been a few of them posted to Facebook, which is where I nicked this one from, without remembering exactly who drew it.

It's pretty accurate for the time.  Tyrannosaurus being a large lumbering tail dragger.  I do like active dinosaurs, but I sure miss these terrible lizards.  These days dinosaurs have been reduced to oversized chickens, a fate worse than death.

I'm glad the new Jurassic World movie is going keep the same look of their dinosaurs.  It wouldn't kill them to add a little more color to them though, would it?

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