Friday, January 16, 2015

MOTW- Ebirah

The giant shrimp only appears in three movies, but it's a cool monster.  At least, I think that's supposed to Ebirah in FINAL WARS, been a while since I've watched the movie.  And yes, Ebirah's second appearance was all via dream sequence/stock footage in GODZILLA'S REVENGE, but that was the first time I had ever seen the colossal crustacean (dang that Stan Lee and his alliteration) so it was "new" to me when I was about 8 years old.  No video tape back then, don'tcha know.

This was one of the last Godzilla movies I ever saw.  We didn't have the luxury of seeing them in order back then.
Ebirah isn't named in the US dub of the movie, and most of us thought it was a giant lobster.  In Colorado, there were no sushi places that had ebi for dinner.
It's a great suit, and the movie is also a lot of fun.  I'm glad that Toho changed up the pace from time to time, not every movie has to be an epic story.


Danny Coffin said...

Always liked Ebirah;I've read he was going to appear in ''DESTROY ALL MONSTERS''but,for whatever reason he was dropped(would've loved seeing him in the flick,myself...)

David McRobie said...

He could hardly have taken part in the last battle on land, right?