Thursday, January 1, 2015

MOTW- King Kong (1967)

King King is one of the greatest monster movies ever made, arguably one of the greatest movies ever made.  He's had sequels, ripoffs, homages and even some movies have been licensed to use his image and name from whoever owns it now.  Toho made a movie based on the most fun Rankin-Bass King Kong cartoon, using two of their creations, Mechani-Kong and Dr. Who.  I saw this movie several times in the theater during the 70s, as it was part of the kiddy matinees they had so parents could get rid of their children for a few hours.

I had no idea what kind of Kong movie I was seeing, though I knew I'd probably like it.  I loved the first Kong movie I saw, so chances are the second one would be great as well.
I was not disappointed in the least.  This Kong was different than the one from Faro Island, but at that age I didn't care.  Or even notice.  I almost missed Gorosaurus first appearance (dang bathroom break) but the homage to the original Kong was almost as great.  Especially since I hadn't seen the original yet.
The battle with his robot doppleganger was pretty great as well.  More homages appear as well, and by the end of the movie all was wrapped up well.


George Guzman said...

Fun, fun movie, but for a long time, it was unavailable on home video until Jackson's Kong came out and only then did it get its overdue DVD release. Then when Godzilla 2014 came out, and we got the blu-ray edition.

David McRobie said...

And there were about five different edits of the movie when it would air- the one I taped off the Family Channel had different scenes that were edited out of the Sci-Fi version. Glad it's on disc now.