Friday, March 20, 2015

The Riddler: The Dean Martin Show

My admiration for Frank Gorshin is well documented in this blog. He's a great actor, and he made the Riddler a credible Bat-villain in the 60s series that no one has been able to top. Just can't be done, it seems. Sheer genius.

I had heard this song a while ago, and it's one of my favorite of the Bat-tie ins from that era. Never occurred to me to look for a video of it, and yet, here's a live performance of it. I'm even more amazed at Gorshin's talent, not only can he sing and act, he can also dance. And he goes right into character. Astounding.


C. Elam said...

I had no idea this existed either, though it makes a ton of sense now that I think about it. Brilliant.

David McRobie said...

I thought you might enjoy it. He was just amazing.

Danny Coffin said...

As far as I'm concerned,Frank was THE Riddler(that laugh will truly live on forver...)