Monday, May 25, 2015

The other Avengers

Art by the awesome Will Migniot
It's been noted here that I love super teams, and the Avengers in particular. I had just finished reading my first ever three part Avengers story, issues #102-104 (in a larger storyline back then) and was completely taken by this group of heroes.  They had saved the Earth from the menace of the Sentinels (and lost Quicksilver as well).  There was also a clue to the Vision's origin planted in there, which took me more than a few years to catch on with (I think this technically makes him the "First Avenger", sorry Cap).  I just wanted more of them all the time, and waiting a month was just about unbearable.  Not to mention the spotty distribution back in the early 70s could make it really hard to get all the issues in a row as we all know.  So one day I was reading the TV Guide and I noticed a show called "The Avengers" was going to be airing on Channel 2.  Imagine my excitement upon seeing that name in the TV Guide.

So I tuned in and watched it.  And kept waiting for Cap or Iron Man or Thor or ANYONE to show up.  They never did.  It was just these two English people, a dapper bloke and a rather attractive Mrs Peel who had no apparent super powers at all, other than being quick with a quip.  I'll admit, I was disappointed in not seeing my heroes, but the show kept me watching til the end.  And then the next week as well.

It wasn't til years later that I found out about the British show, and that it had been on for several seasons, and there were more women with Steed than just the wonderful Mrs. Peel.  I was reminded of all this due to that great piece of art that Will drew, hence the relating of this story.  I doubt kids would even want to watch the British show now, especially since they could find out all about it before hand.  Their loss.

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