Monday, June 15, 2015

RIP Dusty Rhodes

The American Dream is gone.  I didn't know who Dusty Rhodes was when I first started watching wrestling, as he was not in the Georgia territory at the time, nor did he go to the AWA later on.  And even though I was sorta "smart" to how wrestling was worked, I never thought much about who did the actual booking for the various fueds and how they got put together, or who thought up the various gimmick matches that showed up from time to time.

I only ever saw Dusty wrestle once, that was in Denver at the hybrid NWA/UWF show where he took on Ric Flair.  Even though I was fairly certain the title wouldn't change hands, these two masters had the crowd on the edges of their seats the entire match.  And it wasn't that different than the other matches I'd seen on tape or TV, they were just that good.

RIP Dusty, thanks for the memories.

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