Monday, September 14, 2015

Batman vs Dinosaurs

Since there is a large dinosaur in the Bat-cave (robotic, I think, and come to think of it, just how the heck did they get a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex in there to begin with) this drawing could be based on that story.  Oddly enough, I don't know that I've ever read that particular episode in the annals of bat-history.  Go figure.  That robot has just always been something that's been present in the lair of the Bat since I've been reading comic books.  I'm also sure that Batman and Robin have faced real dinosaurs at some point in their long and storied careers.  Not currently, that wouldn't be realistic at all though, would it?

Still, I have to wonder what an episode of the '60s show would look like with our heroes battling real dinosaurs.  It would have been a winner.  Too bad the Egghead episodes were such low budgeted episodes by then.  That might have been perfect.  Batman, Vincent Price and dinosaurs?  Sure would have been hard to top.

I think think this art was part of a card set from that time period.  I just really like the artwork.  It would be fun to see more of it.

I still wonder how they got that robot into the cave.

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