Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ultraman trivia questions

These are the questions I asked at Comic Con this year for the Trivia Contest.  Astoundinly, especially to the Japanese creators, every question was answered correctly (except for the last one, but that was kind of my ringer).  It was a lot of fun to be part of!

Anyone else want to try?

How long does a typical Ultra have to fight monsters on Earth?

Who was the first color giant monster fighter on TV in Japan?

What was the name of the US version?

How did Ultraman Jack get his name?

What is Ultra Seven’s real name

Name the two Ultra productions in English:

What’s the name of Ultraman’s most used beam weapon?

What was Ultraman 80’s original Earth profession?

How many cartoon Ultra shows have there been?

Who’s the best Ultra monster? (this one was rather subjective)

Has Ultraman ever teamed up with another hero that wasn’t an Ultra?

Who was the main villain in 1984’s “The Ultraman Story”? 

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