Thursday, February 25, 2016

Adventures of Superman

At least the first season DVD set, anyway.   These are just some general thoughts about the first 8 or so episodes in this season.  This Clark Kent is not a pantywaist. He's pretty much a take charge guy, and at least in the first several episodes comes perilously close to revealing his secret ID.  I'm not sure if the writers knew much about his powers other than he could fly and he was bullet proof.  Clark has looked through a few safes already, and I thought those were mostly made of lead, which of course his x-ray vision shouldn't be able to penetrate.  It's a cool effect though.

I like that it's set at the beginning of his career, though I'm so used to the origin story I thought this one was a bit short.  Using different names for Ma and Pa Kent was strange, but their names weren't actually set in stone for several years, clear up to the 50s.  This being a different universe all together I can accept the names (now).

This Superman is not quite the goodie goodie he would turn into in later seasons.  He's slaps around crooks and in one early episode lets a thug fall to his death without even trying to save him.  And Clark isn't timid at all, he takes charge in several episodes.  Lois here is actually acceptable, she isn't in love with either man, in fact, she's barely interacted with Superman.  Perry White is excitable, but hasn't started the "don't call me 'chief'" bit with Jimmy yet.  

Jimmy... well, I know it was acceptable to have 20 somethings play younger people back then, but now he seems very, er, challenged.  He seems to be a full time photog, which would mean he wasn't a teenager, but he sure acts like one.

All the acting is top notch, and I've only seen one kid-centric episode, which worked just fine.  George Reeves is no Uncle Superman in this season!

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