Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Giant Robo official trailer

Watching these episodes again I'm struck by just how fun this show is- it's action packed, full of monsters, violent in the best cartoon way. I sure wish this had aired in my area growing up. I would have loved it!
This is the promo Shout! Factory made for the DVD release, and it pretty much showcases the best parts of the series. It's really well done and respects the series as well. It mentions the great booklet as well! Go buy this set!


tsnamm said...

I've been watching this on Come TV, but they must be getting these from video tape copies since they're so grainy. Looks like they have beenplayed like a million times. I wish they would broadcast that really nice remastered version from shout factory

xenorama said...

do they have the "next episode" previews? I wonder why Shout! didn't include them.