Monday, February 15, 2016

I miss terrible lizards!

I love dinosaurs. I'll read just about any book I can about them. I love them in comicbooks, movies and television shows.  I read everything I could about them growing up and always wanted more, more, more.  That includes the air and sea reptiles that looked so incredible.   And I still love learning about them even to this day.  They are just that fascinating and always will be.

I have to admit I love what I call my dinosaurs the most- the actual terrible lizards.  You know, the ones that saw a human or anything and either tried to stomp it into the ground or immediately eat it.  These are monsters, tried and true.  Dinosaurs these days are mostly animals, sometimes resembling chickens, of all things.  And while still rather dramatic at that size, they have kind of lost their cool appeal to me.

I think that's one of the reasons I quite enjoyed the new Jurassic World, since the I Rex was a real monster, not to mention there aren't feathers all over the rest of the dinosaurs.  It makes them too familiar as well, like oversized birds, and we have ostriches and emus for that.

I know my favorite sort of dinosaurs are probably gone forever, but I'm happy to have the older books and movies and the rest.  Long live terrible lizards!

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