Monday, February 22, 2016

Went with the Wind (1976)

I remember watching this on TV after Gone With The Wind had aired in the summer of '76.  I watched some of it at the time, but since there were no monsters or heroes I really didn't pay much attention.  I think I may have known the burning of Atlanta was done with the Skull Island Wall, but when I learned that is lost in the mists of history.  I do recall it was a "big event" as the movie had never been shown on TV before.  And with only one TV in the house it was either watch it, play outside or read a book.  Well, in my case it was probably read a comic book, but that would have been alright with me.

So when Carol Burnett did the parody later on that year, I really didn't know much about the movie.  This was a show the whole family watched every week and at age 11 I liked the slapstick and some of the songs, but really didn't get a lot of the jokes.  By the way, I never cared much for the whole "Eunice and Mamma" sketches and still don't, but that's a post for another day.

So we were at a friend's house and there were about 7 or 8 people watching this episode.  When "Starlett O'hara" came down the stairs in her new gown, the adults all fell on the floor laughing.  Us kids thought it was rather funny, but we sure didn't get the gag.  Of course, this is all now a 40 year old memory, so it possibly could have been a different set of friends and family.

Now that i know more about why Scarlett/Starlett wore the drapes, it's very funny.  And I still have not seen the entire movie yet.

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