Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thoughts on Superman

Still watching the first season of the Adventures of Superman. He sure does what he wants when he wants.  It's hard to believe there had only been 14 years since Superman had debuted in the comics from the time this show aired.  The true supervillains he would fight in the comics hadn't really started appearing, so this is pretty close to that original run.  As it progressed he got closer to what the Silver Age Superman would become, with writers just adding powers as they needed them to fit the story.  You could see where Superman would be headed by the mid-50s.

I'm still a bit surprised at how this early portrayal of Superman can be a bit cold- you can say the two baddies in "The Stolen Costume" killed themselves, but Superman had to know they would try to get down from the mountainside themselves before he got back.  He pretty much let them die.  Not that they didn't deserve it, but still...

Superman doesn't have an problem throwing punches at the bad guys either.  The special effects are all done as well as they can be, though the wind sound that announces his take off, flying and landing is a bit over done.  They also reuse any footage of said flying they can, obviously to save some money.  But the casting is great, down to the guest stars and extras.  It was a pretty revolutionary show when it aired, I'm not surprised it was such a hit.

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