Friday, March 25, 2016

Xenorama #19 lives!

It is live now here and will be available at Amazon in three to five days!  Here's the blurb:

Xenorama #19 (color)

The Journal of Heroes and Monsters

Authored by David McRobie, Blake Matthews, Christopher Elam, John LeMay
Cover design or artwork by Dan Ross

Xenorama #19 has been unleashed! This issue takes a look at Thunderbirds, Star Wars, Prince Planet, the Yes, Madam movies series by Blake Matthews, John Lemay says hello to Sayanara, Jupiter, Christopher Elam discusses Dairanger being released in the US, the Mexican Batwoman and more! All in glorious color with an astounding cover by Dan Ross!

This is the full color version.  The black and white version will be live shortly.  It will be cheaper but still have the same great info.  I'm very pleased with this issue and it's contents this time around.  I've been working on the Prince Planet episode guide nearly as long as my Marine Boy book, which is saying something.

I've already got two articles for issue #20 ready to go, so hopefully it won't take six months to publish.  Stay tuned!

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