Thursday, January 21, 2010

no Aquaman, you must NOT marry her...

in the superhero cartoon boom of the mid 60s, Filmation acquired the license for several of DC comics characters.

Aquaman was part of the Superman/Aquaman hour, which featured two cartoons of each hero, and then repackaged with the rest of Filmation's DC heroes (Superboy, Batman, and the "Guest Hero" spots.

I saw a LOT of Aquaman cartoons in West Virginia when visiting, more than any of the rest of the heroes, save for Superman or Superboy, I'd say.  and despite the limited animation, these episodes were very exciting, with cool music and lots of villains from Aquaman's rogue's gallery.  some of them were a bit sillier than others, but they were there, right from the comics, and that was the important thing in adaptions.

Filmation always had great looking cartoons.  this is a really cool shot from the episode "The Devilfish".  there are 36 episodes in this run, and Marvin Miller voiced Aquaman.  Ted Knight did the sometimes breathless narration.

I always wanted to have a sea horse named Storm. bet Aquaman these days isn't nearly cool enough to ride around on one of these.

seeing Aquaman in action in these episodes spoiled me.  when Superfriends debuted in 1973 I completely expected it to be as action packed as the earlier versions of my beloved DC heroes.  and we all know how that first season turned out.  ugh.

here's the "fair haired Mera" as Ted narrates it.  not exactly what I would call "fair hair" but he probably didn't see the cartoon first either.

she's never identified as Aquaman's wife or even girlfriend in the show.  I wonder what her horse's name is?

the DVD set is really nice.

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