Friday, February 12, 2010

go, go, let's go!

I watched the rest of All Riders vs Dai Shocker last night, and overall, I really liked it.  even thought it could be a bit longer, which is rare for me to say about movies these days.
the three Riders leap!
mostly I loved the end.  look at this stunt!  and look at all the superheroes there, ready to team up to fight the evil forces of Dai Shocker!  I'm just astounded they even thought they had a chance against this many heroes!
great costumes
and they have every Kamen Rider who has had a movie or tv show to his name.  I mean, there's Kamen Rider Shin, for cat's sake.  he threw more punches and kicks in 4 minutes than in his entire movie.
I admit it, I love team ups, which usually work better in theory than ever on paper or other media (Superman vs Spider-man not withstanding).  I also love superhero teams, and this is one of the biggest teams you could have.  it's much better seeing them beat up various kaijin and henchmen than beating on each other.
one of my favorite parts was when Daiki and Natsumi go looking for the second tier Riders and they find two losers, Oja and someone from Blade, maybe, who want to join Dai Shocker.  we never get to see what happens to them, really, which is unfortunate, as it's always good to see Oja get a beating.
and just for my pal Iga Devil!  "ika + beer"... that made me laugh.

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