Sunday, January 30, 2011

Batman Beyondest

that would be Season Three.

so I've watched the entire series now, and overall, I rather enjoy it.  this final season was 13 episodes, and since we know the characters it's fun to see more of them.

I liked seeing Ra's again, despite the overt "ew" factor it ends up being. Cobra being a cult is pretty cool as well, though the whole martial arts sensei thing was pretty obvious.

however, trying to shoehorn the JLA/U/whatever into the timeline... well there's lots of discrepancies for continuity geeks to see and discuss (just like I'm about to!).

dressing Superman in black... ho hum.  we've seen that already in his show and in the Justice Lords episodes.  and where the heck is Diana?  Bruce has no pictures of her in his past loves... that's one thing I dislike about the show, as I've mentioned.  Bruce just sitting alone in his big ol' mansion brooding.  I know it's necessary for the show, but it's sad for him.

anyway, I've upgraded my opinion of the show quite a bit.  it's no Brave and Bold, but it's pretty good.

next up... the Batman.

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