Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last Patrol

From The Brave and the Bold season 2, episode 16.

as most people know, I love the Doom Patrol. I even watched the episode of the Teen Titans that featured them just to see them animated.  (as of this writing, I don't care for the Titans cartoon and it's faux anime look, but I won't say it's bad as I keep having to change my views on such things recently).  I've written about them a few times in here already, but I had not planned on writing about this particular episode of the show.

that is, until I watched it.  I had wondered with the title just what the storyline would be.  I really hoped it would not be what I thought it was.

right away we find out the DP has disbanded, due to some mysterious circumstances fighting General Zahl in  Paris.

that name didn't make me feel any better about the possibleoutcome of this episode, I'll tell you what.

of course, this does have Batman added to the mix, and they do it properly.  The Brain and Monsieur Mallah show up (The Brain now looking quite like a Dalek) and we also see the Mutant Master, the Arsenal and my favorite, the A-V-M Man. 

that was all a treat.  however, as the story progresses and when the true enemies appear, I knew what was going to happen.  just like in the final issue of the original one (plus Batman and minus Madame Rouge of course) Zahl captures our heroes and has them make a choice.

it's an incredibly touching episode, and I'd rank it right up there with any episode from Batman: The Animated series as far as excellence. yeah, this show is all fun and giggles.  not.

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