Thursday, August 18, 2011

10. The Mysterious Dinosaur Base

a mad scientist creates a monster greater than the one in Loch Ness.  overfishing brings Kira/Jirass to the surface of the lake and the Science Patrol is sent to investigate.

this is a rather infamous episode, since the guest starring monster is none other than Godzilla with a frill and some paint.  many Godzilla only fans don't like the episode at all, since Ultraman wins the fight.  one fan even went so far as to write about it in a fan fic to make Ultraman look bad.  it was really worth all that work?  how sad.

anyway, it's cool atmospheric episode, and they do keep Kira's appearance under wraps for quite some time.  which was smart, since not a kid anywhere would know who that was under the frill. the viewer does end up feeling sorry for both monster and scientist in the end, since he loved dinosaurs and Kira was never gonna make it out of the episode alive.

there's a bit of blood here as well, but nothing like episode 8. it's no surprise Kira/Jirass never made a return appearance though!

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