Sunday, August 7, 2011

Titans season four

this was my first complete Titans episode, way back when I still had cable tv.  I liked it OK back then, mostly because I love the Doom Patrol, as you can see here

these two episodes are not quite as good as the one of Brave and The Bold, mostly because Mento is a real disagreeable sort of leader.  that changes by the second part, but still, he makes 00s Batman look reasonable.  it's nice to hear them call each other by their real names though, I must say.

and where's the Chief?  anyway, the Brotherhood of Evil are the main villains in this final season, which I have enjoyed half of so far.  you know, me, the more heroes the better!

here's the REAL Elasti-Girl tromping on tanks.  it's a really cool shot in the show.  they did seem to not know she could also shrink herself down though.  well, I am sure they knew it, just chose to not display that power.

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