Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marine Boy book, again

been a while since there's been any Marine Boy talk in the blog, which is just sad, since that's what it started out as.  I am still working on it, but have no plans on the finish yet.  I have to decide on the format and learn a little more technical stuff.
 I also am not sure about the cover.  I had a really nice one, but since I've moved more than once since then I am not sure exactly where it is any more. so I may need a new one.
I'd like it with this monster, Marine Boy,  Splasher and the P-1.  anyone have any more ideas about the cover?

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mathew1986 said...

This is cool, I only just found out about this book and blog. Being a Marine Boy fan I think it's great that you are writing this book and as for the cover i guess it depends on what elements you have in your story...characters, plot, location etc. Can't wait to read this!