Sunday, October 2, 2011

King Kong

I saw this for the first time on Channel 2, it ran the full 100 minutes. I had already seen both Toho Kong movies (and loved them) and I believe I had endured the first needless remake of the movie as well. so I knew I was in for a treat.
it's still an awesome movie. the t rex vs Kong fight just can't be topped, not even by adding more dinosaurs and gravity defying stunts.
Enjoy! this is the re-release trailer... does anyone know if the original trailer is around?  or has anyone even seen it?


C. Elam said...

If there was an original trailer (and believe it or not, I've never read one way or the other), I suspect it would have been much like this one. This is VERY much in the style of 30s and 40s trailers.

Xenorama said...

it would be interesting to see a documentary on trailers for movies, since they are an art form of themselves. I've never seen or heard of one for King Kong, but how did they advertise? was it all word of mouth?
this is a mystery that could be solved!

C. Elam said...

Oh, I'd imagine it was by posters, newspapers, and the like. Remember, neither CBS or NBC (radio) were even a decade old in 1933. I can see being able to sell a movie just based on it existing. And then, the King Kong book apparently preceded it in release (despite being based on the script).