Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the Silver Surfer cartoon

the Surfer is an unusual choice for a kid's cartoon series.  he's never been one of my favorite heroes, since he comes across as a pretentious snot most of the time.  and he repeats a lot of phrases- enough you could have a drinking game made of them. and it's only a 13 episode run!

some of that is due to Stan Lee's pretentious dialog for him, but every other writer seems to think they need to have him make "important" pronouncements upon mankind.

anyway, the cartoon itself isn't bad, though it's far too dense and layered for kids, I'd think.  and the silly dialog is still present!  the animation is decent, and it uses some cg as well here and there.  Galactus himself is all cg, which works OK.

the series borrows a lot from the original Surfer stories and throws Thanos in the mix as the major villain.  so there are a lot of Jim Starlin's cosmic entities- Drax the Destroyer, Pip the Troll, the Watcher, Ego the Living Planet, Mentor and even Adam Warlock.  while I enjoy a lot about Starlin's writing, his cosmic stories come across as... what's that word again?  overblown, to say the least.  these characters mostly resemble their comic book counterparts, but obviously have some changes made to them.  especially Adam Warlock!

the series ends on a cliffhanger.  there was supposed to be a second season, but it seems Marvel heading into bankruptcy canceled it.  I don't know that I could watch another 13 episodes...

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