Friday, December 9, 2011

Kong vs T Rex

our giant monster scene is possibly the best fight scene ever animated- King Kong vs the tyrannosaurus rex from the original movie. it's amazing, full of personality and life.  adding more dinos to it just didn't make it a bit more exciting. in fact, it just made it longer and duller.

yes, Kong is a monster in this movie- he's far more than just a "giant ape". I thought that was evident from any viewing, but apparently only Toho figured it out in their movies. the two remakes simply wanted him to be a giant gorilla, and act like a real one. how boring.

and this is a t rex in the movie- that's what the creators wanted.  sure, it has three fingers, and some misinformed people seem to think they meant it to be an allosaurus. at the time the movie was made, there was still some discussion over whether the rex had two or three fingers.  Obie and company went with the prevailing view.

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