Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Three Doctors (1973)

after watching Sarah Jane Smith appear with the tenth Doctor, I wanted to watch some of the original Doctors.

and here's an serial that I can see all three of the original Doctors in.  it's probably the best one of the three that have been done so far, though the stories in all of them are mostly just used to get the Doctors to meet themselves.  and with only three of them here, it is a lot easier than with five.  and the Two Doctors is fun, but not enough interaction between the Doctors.

so here we have the second two Doctors doing most of the interaction, since William Hartnell was too ill to do much more than shoot his scenes alone.  he was still quite good with his limited role, though one certainly wishes he could have appeared with the other two actors.

and the interplay between the other two Doctors is the whole reason to watch this.  it's so much fun.  when the Doctor meets himself is really when the fun starts.  seeing Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart sees the second Doctor again he doesn't believe it's really him.  he thinks he's regressed from mucking about with the T.A.R.D.I.S.  it's funny to realize they'd never done this before, and the Brig didn't even know about the first Doctor.

I wish they had done more of these, but then it's always good to "leave them wanting more".

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