Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maciste in King Solomon's Mines (1964)

DVD sure brought about a lot of changes.  when Sinister Cinema and Something Weird Video used to be the only source for weird and rare movies, they cost a LOT of money to buy.  then the digital age happened and suddenly all those PD movies were available for $5 or even $1 all over the place.

like this rare peplum movie. for quite a while it's existence was in doubt, but here it is in all it's faded glory.  it's a fun movie, and watching it this way is almost like seeing it on Channel 2 when I was a kid.  which I didn't, since it never aired.

Fazira is the evil desert pirate leader, played by Wandisa Guida.  she does the obligatory falling in love with Maciste, played by Reg Park.  he's in five of these movies, and all of them are worth watching to some degree.
the movie doesn't bother explaining why Maciste is in Africa, but that's no big deal.  he goes where he is needed!  a little editing would help this movie.  his obligatory "gets pulled apart by some set of large animals" scene goes on far too long.  there's a few other scenes like this, so just about five minutes or so would really help the movie along.

seeing it in it's original scope and nice color would be interesting, but it's fun this way as well.

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