Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road to Morocco (1942)

I have the four pack of "Road to …" movies, and have watched them one at a time, in order.  though the only one I had seen beforehand was the fourth one, Road to Utopia (1946).  and I saw that at age 11, which was a great age to see it.  especially in the middle of the night with my brother Eric and my cousin Todd. 

I was also losing a lot of games of "Crazy 8s" which is such a weird thing to remember as well, but it was a great night.

the first two movies, Road to Singapore (1940) and Road to Zanzibar (1941) I was not overly impressed with.  sure, they had their moments, but they weren't as zany as Utopia.  so I wasn't expecting as much when I watched Road to Morocco (1942).

it was a pleasant surprise.  far closer in tone to "Utopia" than the first two, complete with talking animals and breaking the fourth wall.  some rather cute musical numbers helped as well, especially when the boys are dehydrated in the desert.  they all trade voices in the number which was very clever and funny.  Dorothy Lamour with male voices coming out of her mouth is as humorous as it sounds.  the other songs are nice as well.

so I know I like two of the four movies a lot on this set.  these are cute movies for a nice afternoon.

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